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When it comes to micro-finance, the company’s management team and personnel have a wealth of knowledge and can help you make an informed decision. In terms of ethical business operations, LoanShop is a name you can rely on.

According to the National Credit Act and Regulations the firm is licensed and registered with NCR (National Credit Regulator). Before granting a loan, we do a thorough affordability check on each customer to ensure that they can make the repayments.

To make a transaction, customers may either visit our Sunnypark Shopping Centre branch, located on the 4th floor, or they can utilize our website, which is located on the intersection of Esselen and Jeppe streets in Pretoria, South Africa.

Need money now, but it’s going to be a while before your next paycheck?

Short-term loans are available to bridge the gap between now and your next payment!

Use the internet to submit your application. Getting the money into your bank account now is simple and quick!
On your first paycheck, you’ll be able to pay back your debt.
We provide short-term loans ranging from R500 to R2500, with repayment terms of one month.
If you can’t afford the loan, we won’t lend you the money. A full affordability assessment will be conducted with you in order for us to ensure that you are able to repay the loan.
Depending on how long it will be before your first paycheck, the length of your loan may vary in days. You will be charged interest and any costs in accordance with the National Credit Act when you take out a loan.
We abide by the National Credit Act and all of its rules, and we are a member of the MFSA for this reason.

LoanShop contact info

Telephone Number: 012 440 9111
Fax number: 012 440 5777
E-mail address:
4th Floor, Sunnypark Shopping Centre
c/o Esselen & Jeppe streets

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