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The top debt management organization in the nation for 2020 is National Debt Advisors (NDA), according to consumer votes. They are quite proud of this since it shows their dedication to provide their customers with the greatest support possible as they work toward debt freedom.
Their roughly 400 skilled employees will make sure that your debt review procedure goes smoothly from start to finish. Covid-19 and lockdown were very disruptive, not only in South Africa but elsewhere.

Incomes were disrupted (and in some cases lost totally), which had a disastrous impact on the average South African consumer’s finances. According to statistics, approximately 17 million individuals were in some manner behind on their debt payments by Level 2 of the SA shutdown, and there is no shame in that. Everybody is battling.

Giving your debt and money to an incompetent debt counselor who will wind up doing more harm than good while you are already in a difficult financial position is the worst thing you can do. As the top debt counselor in South Africa, you can depend on them to:

  • Contact your creditors
  • Reduce your interest rates.
  • Request an extension of your payment terms.
  • Reduce the total amount of debt you pay each month.
  • Combine all of your separate loan payments into a single monthly payment.
  • Defend you against teasing by creditors and debt collectors
  • Protect your assets from being seized.

If you are having trouble paying off your debt or just want more information about debt review, employ the services of NDA, the top (#1) debt counsellor in the nation, if you decide to hire a debt counsellor.

What is the procedure for debt review with National Debt Advisors?

Step 1
One of our experts will give you a call back within 24 hours if you provide your information to us using our online contact form. We are the top debt counseling business in South Africa. You are at the proper location.

Step 2
Your NDA consultant will examine your income and spending to see whether you have too much debt (when your expenses exceed your income and you are struggling to make your debt repayments on time). If so, you are eligible for a debt review.

If you decide to proceed with the procedure, you must complete a form 16. (which will contain all your personal information, income, expenses, debt repayments etc.)

Note that you are not required to come to our offices in person. You may complete your full inquiry and application online or over the phone.

Step 3
When you apply for debt review with NDA, we will let all of your creditors and the credit bureaus know. After receiving this letter, your credit providers will have 60 working days before they may sue you (called a 17.1).

Additionally, NDA will ask for COBs (certificates of balances) for each of your accounts. This will indicate the length of your term left, any unpaid amounts, interest rates, etc.

Step 4
Once we have received your COBs from your creditors, we will utilize all of the data to produce a realistic payback plan that will fit your budget. We will then send this proposal to your creditors.

Step 5
In order to increase the amount of money available for your regular living expenditures under your new repayment plan, NDA will now negotiate with your credit providers to lower your monthly payments, interest rates, and payback periods.

Step 6
Our knowledgeable lawyers will submit an application to the magistrates court to have your new debt repayment plan recognized as a binding court order. You won’t need to show up in court since your debt counselor will submit the application on your behalf.

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