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Power Loans can assert that the absence of money disconnects you with life. From rich to poor all need money. This includes working population. S.A has millions of credit consumers but not all find it easy to get a loan.

About Power Loans

Power Loans is a cash registered provider with National Credit Regulator and it came about due to financial needs that crop up. You have certainly encountered situations when you needed a credit bail out. Its not unusual to have financial issues that come unexpected like needing medical treatment, car repairs, late gift purchase. Also cash needs related to a family gathering for a celebration on an occasion, even trip to such ceremonies. When friends are asking for cash and you also need it what do you do?

Power Loans Services

Power Loans offers credit from R500 to R 8000 as a personal loan. Payday loan is credit you can request with a limit of R5 000. You will have 30 days to close off the loan, however you can ask for 45 days cash repayment. Interest charged on the loan is based on NCA. The personal loan can reach up to R8 000. You have the benefit of paying it off for 6 months. This option is not available online applications but you will have to visit the shop. Interest on this loan is competitive and you won’t be paying negative interest rates. Example: borrow from R500 to R8000 with a 61 to 180 day repayment. Interest from 36% APR to maximum 60% APR. Loans come with Customer protection insurance.


  • Small loans from R500 to R8 000 can be accessed.
  • Fast processing of documents.
  • Interest rates affordable.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regular.


All applications are processed for verification. Your documents will go for evaluation to determine if you qualify for the loan. You need to be earning so that you can close off the loan in the given time period. 18 years and older is a must and you will need the following documentation:

  • A working cell phone number.
  • A South African Identity Document (ID book or Card).
  • Banking details, an account where your salary is deposited into.
  • Last three months bank statements.
  • Produce the latest pay slips.
  • Have a proof of residential address.

As stated, loans going for R8 000 will require you to visit one of the branches. Power Loans has 3 different provinces across South Africa and more than 20 branches are in the works to be opened during the year. When all checks are performed and your application is gone through, your cash will be transferred to your bank. However for a bigger loan, you will be given a card that you can use at retail shops or ATM’s.

Contacts Power Loans

For more details on obtaining the loan you can visit Power Loans during office hours (9am to 5pm) Monday to Friday. You can ask all the questions you have to a consultant. You can also visit the store for loan application. Do remember to bring with you all the documentation.

Phone Number: 087 702 1371

Website: https://www.powerloans.co.za/

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