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Starbright Loans has an innovative method to getting loans, its called car for cash. Having no money can cause problems to become worse. However if you can put up a car you can get cash.


Starbright Loans it is a cash loans resisted provider and has been in operation for 28 years. With all this comes experience that has allowed growth and deeper knowledge of the cash loans market. When you have been in and out of all cash lending institutions and still can’t get a loan, you can try Starbright. Over the years lots of people have been assisted to get credit in various methods. Money does not have to limit you when you can put up collateral. The situation can be resolved within 24 hours.


Starbright Loans offers you cash from R3 000 up to R50 000. The loan is secured against your car. The vehicle is used as collateral. When approved, money is made available to you within an hour. The method is simple, you put up your car and the value there of is accessed. Value of the vehicle will match your loan. It can be up to R50 000. The repayment of the loan is flexible and the interest is competitive. When you have paid up the loan, your vehicle will be returned to you.


  • Car for cash loans
  • Registered with National Credit Regulator
  • Value based loans on cars
  • Flexible repayments rates


The process is not complicated to apply for a loan. You take your car to the company, cars that will be accepted only when paid in full and under your name. It’s important that you provide Natis. Working full time is not a must and no need to produce proof of employment or salary. You must be 18 years and older. These are the following document you will need to produce at Starbright Loans:

  • Provide bank details
  • Have a valid South African ID book or card
  • Proof of residence
  • Have a functioning South African bank account
  • 3 months bank statement

The Vehicle will be assessed for value. When you agree to the amount of the loan, you enter into a contract. All vehicles are kept safe in a facility that has 24 hours. Surveillance cameras and security is world class. Every month you will then settle the agreed installment. When you have finished the payment, your vehicle will be transferred to you. You can be self-employed or business owner and need a loan; Starbright will offer you what you can afford. When your business is doing well you can put up your vehicle as collateral and get a loan that you can use to grow your company. It’s not simple to have credit approval, especially when you are running a business. However you can get help at Starbright loans, same day service.


For more information on how to obtain a loan you can call Starbright Loans during office hours (9am – 5pm). A consultant will attend to your questions. You can visit the office and request a loan. Just remember to bring your documents with you and your collateral, the vehicle. There will be no delays; you will get the loan in less than an hour.

Address: 359 Paul Kruger St, Capital Park, Pretoria, 0084
Phone Number : 012 326 0286

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