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Swype financial services loans

It can be challenging generating working capital as a small to medium enterprise (SME) especially in the absence of any security. Furthermore, situations that require urgent attention could be delayed due to cash constraints which in turn, hinders your business’ potential. In light of this, Swype Financial Services provides SMEs with an alternative funding solution to those provided by traditional credit providers. The team at Swype comprises skills, expertise and experience across the financial and technology space – this in turn has enabled them to identify the need for SMEs to gain access to finances as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our solution is therefore tailored specifically to cater to the demands and stress normally associated with operating your small to medium sized business especially in a time with increasing cost and decreased consumerism. Swype can help make you differentiate your business from the plethora of SMEs.

Swype is able to help you and your business when confronted with:

  • Unforseen expenses
  • Purchasing more inventory
  • A need for new equipment
  • Revamps and refurbishments
  • Employing more staff
  • General maintenance
  • Retail seasonality


At some time or another each and every one of us will require help, assistance or guidance to progress. This is the same when it comes to your business. If you’ve been working and hustling, but cannot seem to climb the next rung, then you should take advantage of allowing your business to work for you by applying for a nonsense-free loan from Swype. If you have an existing business operating over the last 12 months or more and searching for a means to access the necessary liquidity then perhaps it’s time to inquire about a tailored-made solution and allow Swype to provide you with an upfront cash payment.


Swype – How it works…

Start the process by providing Swype with your and your business’ details. It won’t be long before you’ll be contacted by one of their representatives and be offered a quote.

Swype will assess the financial statement of your business over the past 12 months in order to ascertain the amount which you’re eligible to receive.

The factor that differentiates Swype from its competitors is that they will not require any fixed instalment or enforce any fixed term. Your repayments will be correlated to the performance of your business – in other words, a small percentage of your future daily turnover will be paid over to Swype until your advance has been paid in full. Swype only gets paid as you get paid. In this way Swype only benefits as you benefit – this makes sense as your success and profitability is important. Experience the stability of Swpye’s flexibility

Since we empathise with your urgency, you’ll be notified of pre-approval within 48 hours and receive your cash flow within only five days. This is particularly important when you’re pressed for time and still require to continue operations. Let Swype alleviate some of the burden and aid your SME in achieving its goals. No longer are the days or lengthy applications and prolonged periods between approval and payment. Welcome to the way of financing your business needs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Furthermore, plenty of institutions may leave you feeling helpless and out of control after entering an agreement with them. Swype is cognisant that not every month is the same and in turn does not want to disenfranchise your business shortly after its liberation. Now there’s no need to feel like you’re signing away your life as compared to other credit providers whom are insistent on fixed amounts over a fixed term, irrespective of the performance of your business.

Swype collaborates across several sectors with some of its Merchants including those of: Barcelos, Build It, Dros, Galito’s, Hi Q, (Spar) Pharmacy, Pizza Perfect and Sorbet. So, if you’re interesting in joining the ranks of these organisations or aspire to gain an extra foot hole in your market –why not use the financial services at Swype to solve your business needs. You can be sure to benefit from the opportunity to explore avenues of your business previously inaccessible.

Because Swype appreciates the value of modernity and its convenience, you can follow their pages on Facebook and Twitter. So take the initiative of growing your business with Swype’s innovate solution to assist you in developing your business. Perhaps you’re exploring the prospect of evolving the design or look of your business or expand into new geographical locations and require more staff. Maybe your business premises are in need of some sort of restorations or you’d like to maintain your competitive edge by purchasing new equipment. Even if your business experiences highs and lows in light tourism or on and off peak period – Swype Financial Services can assist you in propelling you towards your future and taking your business to the next level.

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