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Bayport Cellular has great deals on cellphones. Have you been thinking of upgrading a cellphone or buying a new and latest model?


Bayport Cellular knows that mobile phones and iPads do not last forever. The modern phones suffer from one common ailment and that is cracked screens. Bayport offers innovative ways and methods for cellphone contracts in all levels of cellular and tablets. It’s not uncommon for cellphones to slip right through your fingers and hits the floor. The next thing you know, your phone is shuttered and does not work. It happens even with casing. This is the reality of smartphones. Technology is always introduced to iPads, tablets and smartphones, so it’s always a very good idea that you upgrade.


Bayport Cellular has basic, mid-level to top of the range smartphones, tablets and iPads. Meaning you will find basic smart phone from Samsung all the way to chart topping Apple products. All is catered for under one roof. The contract is made in such a way that you can afford to pay the installment every month without complications. Cellphones are not fashion statements but they are a tool used for the modern lifestyle. You can’t send a C.V on an old button phone or make appointments or reply to an emails. Smartphones have an advantage of keeping you connected through the internet. Another benefits is that it can be used as a working or businesses tool, keeping you up to date with latest personal information. We are living in a digital world and its convenient be connected for work and lifestyle reasons. Cellphones can and do get lost and it can limit your productivity and your social life when this happens. Bayport has you covered with their wide variety of phones you can choose from to replace your lost phone.


  • Bayport has flexible contracts.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Affordability is the core of every deal.
  • Wide spectrum of phones available and tablets.


It’s simple to apply for cellphones contract. All you do is go online and choose the phone of your preference and the contract attached to the smartphone. Then enter your details and Bayport will get back to you in less than 24 hours. You will need your FICA documentation when applying. The documents are:

  • A South African Identity Document book or card
  • Pay slips not older than 2 months
  • Bank account not older than 3 months
  • Provide residential address
  • A working cellphone number for contact or email address

The application will be verified and when you qualify for the contract you will be contacted. Your phone will be sent to you through an effective delivery method. It will take less than a week for you to start making calls on your new device. This is the proficiency you can expect at Bayport Cellular.


For more details you can contact Bayport Cellular through email or call during office hours (9am to 5pm) and a well trained consultant will assist you. Alternatively you can visit the website and look at some of the latest offers.

Phone Number: 0861 550 555

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