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Car finance can be the only thing holding you back from getting behind the wheel of your favourite car and that’s because it is not easy to get great car finance that will suit your budget and still have all the benefits that make owning a car an absolute must. The frustration from going from one bank to the next in search of the perfect solution can be very overwhelming and is further accelerated if you happen to be blacklisted. Car Finance is a company that understands this all too well and as such they have built their business to accommodate anyone looking for great car finance whether blacklisted or not.

About Car Finance

Car Finance is a company that is based on referrals. Through their unique strategy’ they find suitable vehicle finance for anyone who is struggling to find financing for their vehicle. The incredible strategy submits your application to the best suitable car finance facilities and you will get response from them and have the chance to choose from according to your specific needs. The company is affiliated with multiple financial service companies that assist people all across South Africa to obtain great car finance. So when you apply for car finance your application goes to a number of companies that offer car finance.

The company does not only offer car finance but it also offers a number of different loans. If you’re looking for a loan you can a short term loan or a long term loan from R1 000 up to R200 000. According to your personal credit profile you can apply for the amount that best suits you bearing in mind that you can afford it. It is important that you do not over exert your pocket. We could all do with a little loan now and then an the personal loans offered here can very well act as car finance should you wish or you could consolidate your debt and have only one instalment to pay at the end of every month.


Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance

This option sends your car finance application to a number of great dealerships across the country and you can choose which deal to accept.

Credit Clear

If you have been declined by the bank the company’s brokers will assist you in clearing and repairing your credit record in order to get you considered for vehicle finance by the banks.

Personal Finance

You can get a personal loan for car finance through the assistance of the company’s brokers; get up to R150 000.

Rent to Own

This is the perfect option should you be blacklisted because it is available to most customers regardless of their credit record all you need with this option is a driver’s license.

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