iThemba Loans application

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iThemba Loans application

iThemba Loans stands out from the others since we are able to help everyone who needs it. It is via our innovative business model that people from all walks of life in South Africa are able to obtain the assistance they need, just when they need it most. Our loan solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of persons who have previously been unable to get formal credit. A customer’s capacity to pay back their loan is taken into account when we make a credit decision, and we have loan levels to fit every budget.

Loans as little as R200 are available. To apply for an iThemba Loan, all you need is a phone with text messaging capabilities. Small, straightforward, and quick loans are what you’re looking for.
Giving back and making a difference in the lives of people who really need it!

iThemba Loans benefits include:

  • Employment isn’t mandatory.
  • Repayment arrangements with low or no interest are available.
  • They accept other sources of income.
  • Increased acceptance. We’re more likely to answer “yes” now..

How the iThemba Loans system works.

We will call you to begin the application process when you provide your contact information online.

Your income and affordability will be assessed by phone interview with an approved representative. Within five minutes, you’ll have an offer in hand. Forget about paperwork.

Your application will be sent to our verification team for review and final approval after your phone call.

You will be advised of the conclusion of your application through phone.. If your application is accepted, you may expect to get your money within 48 hours of the application being accepted.

Contact details and WhatsApp number – How to Get in Touch:

Telephone: 0861 47 79 30

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