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Buying a car in South Africa can be very expensive. Cars do not come cheap or easily and that can be a dead end for most people who wish to have a car of their very own. No Finance Cars saw this huge gap in the market and they came up with a brilliant plan to ensure that South Africans across the country can enjoy the benefits of having a car. A car is truly a problem solver and furthermore it can be the answer to a much more fulfilling mobile life. Skip the cramped seats and stuffy air of a taxi or a bus and say hello to a brand new mobile you!

About No Finance Cars

No Finance Cars has established itself in the motor vehicle industry as an excellent service provider offering a different take on car finance; instead of directly buying a car via renting with the intention to buy the vehicle. So many South Africans have turned to this great company in order to get that vehicle that they wanted so much. The company offers a variety of cars and vans for you to choose from. You can simply scroll through the vehicles and inquire about the one that you like. The fantastic benefit that you will get from the company is zero interest and zero finance on the vehicle of your choice.

Being blacklisted is certainly a frustration as a lot of banks that you submit your vehicle finance application to will end up rejecting you. It can definitely be a cause for stress and anxiety. With No Car Finance you can apply for their awesome rent to buy service whether you are blacklisted or not. The company does not look at your credit score to determine your eligibility but instead the company looks at your affordability to rent the car on a month to month basis until you have bought it.

Services and benefits of No Finance Cars

  • Fixed payments for the first 54 months.
  • Zero interest because this is not a bank loan.
  • Get road side assistance whenever it is needed on all the rent to buy cars.
  • Zero monthly mileage or area restrictions.
  • Get mechanical coverage when your vehicle breaks down.
  • You can upgrade your vehicle to a better model every 18 months.
  • At the end of the rental period you can buy your vehicle for only R1 500.
  • You can terminate your contract at any given time.
  • The approval criterion is very minimal.
  • Cover for accidents or death is included on every car or bakkie.

It is important to note that you will need to provide the following documentation in order to apply for a rent to buy vehicle:

  • South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Recent Payslip
  • Earn a disposable income of R12 000 or more
  • R10 000 deposit
  • South African Driver’s License
  • Be permanently employed by the same employer for 3 months or more
  • 3 months bank statement
  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Be in the possession of a South African bank account

Now you can afford to drive that car you’ve been thinking of getting for ages. Call them today and get behind that wheel.


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