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Moving forward is what everyone should definitely strive to do all the time. We all want to live a better life; a life that is rewarding and full of everything that we ever dreamed of. We all deserve to reach that place where our goals can finally be achieved knowing very well that we are cushioned with a good foundation that we built along the way on our journey to success. Living in these tough economic times can be very frustrating and if we’re not careful; it can rob us of our dreams and goals. This is why we at Thuthukani Loans have developed solutions that will aid you in reaching your dreams that much faster. After all, dreams are meant to come true and are meant to be lived.

Thuthukani Loans services

At Thuthukani Loans we offer our clients services and products that will assist them in living the better life that they deserve. A better life often times needs money to be realized and not all of us are trust fund babies nor do we have large sums of money lying around. The best we can do is save right? While that’s an admirable and wise practice; it may take many years of saving before you are able to achieve your dream and with the rate of inflation, unstable markets and stagnant salaries; your dream may end up being just that, a dream. That is why we want to assist you to get to your dream quicker and smoothly. We offer our clients the following products and services:

Home Improvement loans
Our home improvement loans are created to help you to get into your dream house quicker than you can say “Give me my keys!” They are paid directly to the merchant, which will give you as the client a personalised interest rate, you can use the money to purchase housing material, the loan can be divided into purchases and labour costs, you have access to our already established partnerships with merchants and the application process is quick and easy. Our Home improvement loans range from R2 500 to R50 000 and can be paid within a period of 3 to 36 months.

Small business finance
These loans are created to help you become that entrepreneur you have always wanted to be, so if you have a small business or are self-employed; this is the perfect loan to help you grow your business. The application process is quick and easy. You as our client will be given personalised assistance with one of our business development officers. The repayment term of the loan is 36 months and you will have competitive interest rates and the money will be paid directly to you as the borrower. You can apply for anything between R5 000 and R50 000.

Funeral Policy
Remember earlier on we talked about being cushioned with a good foundation? Well a funeral policy is a great way of adding a bit of stability on your foundation; that way when an unexpected death occurs in the family; you will be cushioned with the aid of a funeral policy that can pay for the funeral costs. Our funeral policy allows you to be the main member; you can add a spouse and up to 5 children. You can add 8 extended family members, an additional spouse and the policy will be paid out within 24 hours of a claim.

Credit Life
This is our rendition of life cover. Your family won’t have to worry because with this cover they will be financially compensated in the event of your death, you becoming disabled or losing your job.

Make your dreams come true today and rest in knowing that you are covered no matter what!



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